The Mic Box



MK - FL100TL Condensor Professional Microphone or
BM-100FX USB Studio Condenser Vocal Microphone 











Cable schematic of the cable on the microphone.


 The USB is only used for the 5 Volt power for the amplifier in de microphone, so you can
use a 230/110 to 5 Volt power supply adaptor if you use the microphone not on a computer.



On Ebay for ~1 dollar 1 pcs. Search for "USB AC DC Power Supply Wall Adapter"

The XLR connector-microphone is not powerd by a real fantom-power supply, but you can use a normal
XLR-extention cable if necessary between de mic. and this cable.

A condensor microphone like the BM-700 or 800 is a little bit cheaper ($20) but then you need a real
fantom-power supply ($25) and a extra xlr-cable ($5) or some BM-800 models have a AA battery inside
the microphone without a switch to turn de power from the internal amplifier off.

note: Every large condensor microphone needs litte power to operate !

The MK-FL100TL  microphone is realy good, a warm clear sound with a max. 25x amplifier and/or Echo.
I have paid $22 on AliExpress in 2015 with free shipping. 









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