Ham CW ID Caller with a 16F628 or 16F628A or 16F648A

 Ham  DIY project.






Chip power VCC = 5 Volt
Input power for the regulator 78L05 is best at 7-9 max 12 volt DC or from the transciever.


ID call-sign auto / manual switch S1 (toggle button), now auto every 270 seconds a call,  but that can be changed in source.
ID call-sign manual with push-button S2
Tone frequent selectable at 800 or 1000 Hz with header JP3 (none or 1-2)  
3 Speed (slow-medium-fast) selectable with header SV1 (none, 1-2 or 2-3)  
Call with or with out QRV sign at end of call, selectable by S3 (toggle button)
RGB led D1 for: blue warning 10 sec before call , green 5 sec before call , red optical call-sign.
Connection:  PTT (Press To Talk) Jp2 switch and Audio Jp1
Led1 power indicator.
Power draw 10 mA @5.02 volt
Only 1 color RGB led is on at the time, therefore only 1 resistor R4 is required, but
3 separate led's are possible.
Callsign can be changed, read en change the source .bas file

Hex Program is smaller then 1Kbyte.
Sound is very good !

(*)  = Power off-on to make changed setting active


Tested only on breadboard, works fine, no pcb made until now.


Download source in zip


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